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Empower Thy Self Initation

Join us for a 2-day workshop (Saturday June 8th-Sunday June 9th) on Advanced Metaphysical Trainings where you'll gain knowledge from teachings in a Lineage over 3,800 years old. Empower yourself to master your life and create positive change in the world around you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your spiritual journey.

Benefits of Initation

This program is packed full with deep wisdom teaching, practical tools for integration and empowerment, and a physical initiation into a 3,800 yr old ancient lineage. Benefits include:

  • Knowledge about the human energy system

  • Greater protection in the Light

  • 10 Key Protocols for Living

  • Tenfold capacity to manifest and flow energy

  • Align with your unique mission

  • A healing to adjust your flow into direct alignment with Universal and Source energy.

Time andLocation

This 2 day workshop will be

Saturday June 8th- Sunday June 9th


2909 Washington Blvd #231 Ogden, Utah 84404

There will be an hour lucnh both days.

Energy Exchange

Empower Thyself
$1500 (full pay)

Payment Plans:
2 payments of $750


Class + Life Activation
$1700 (full pay)
Savings: $100

Payment Plans:
2 payments of $850


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