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About Us

Our Mission

At Tranquility Wellness Center, we thrive on helping others with their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.  We are here to support and help you on your healing journey and offer a wide variety of services to best fit your needs. We offer mental health therapy, somatic therapy, Life Activation, Crystal Healings, Aura Healings, Emotional Release, and Reiki to help you achieve optimal wellness. We are committed to helping you find your inner light.

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Cheyenne Jones LCSW 

 Hi, I’m Cheyenne Jones, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). I am a holistic mental health therapist dedicated to helping individuals find their purpose and inner light. I am the founder and owner of Tranquility Wellness Center. I created my business to helps others because I strongly believe everyone can find and embody their authentic self, (we just sometimes need help and support). I use somatic therapy, CBT, DBT,  and mindfulness/mediation techniques. In addition to my formal training as mental health therapist, I am also a Certified Life Activation Practitioner through the Modern Mystery School International, Certified Reiki practitioner, Trained in Neo Emotional Release, Aura Healings, Crystal Healings and Crystal Readings.  I strongly believe in the importance of holistic healing. In order to truly heal we need healing on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. I believe that all therapy and healing is about learning to know and understand yourself better. I take a compassionate and empathetic approach to working with my clients. I strive to create a space where my clients feel heard, seen, and validated, and am committed to helping them achieve their goals, find joy and inner peace.


Our mental health therapy services are designed to help you overcome emotional and psychological challenges. We use evidence-based techniques,

as well as holistic approaches to help you develop coping strategies, manage stress, and improve your overall well-being.


Our somatic therapy services aim to address the mind-body connection. We help you release tension and trauma stored in your body, improve your body awareness, and enhance your overall physical and emotional health.


Life Activation services provide a powerful spiritual experience that helps you connect with your higher self and purpose. This service helps you bring more light into your DNA, helps you to unlock more of your potential and gifts, helps you clarify your meaning and purpose in life, release unconscious patterns in your life, clears individual and family/generational karmic patterns

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